Now is the time to incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Video has special significance everywhere. There are lots of ways your business can enter the world of video. The key is to find the way that is best for your business and start there. Read more

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Rania Abou Nader is the founder and managing director of Business Motion. The name Business Motion perfectly describes Rania’s personality, for she is always in motion, thinking of innovative business. Rania holds MS in physics and MBA International de Paris. She has a lengthy experience in the fields of education and media. Rania has been guiding the skillful, hard-working team of Business Motion since 2014. Within its first operational year, Business Motion served several topnotch brands in diverse industries.

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Our Social Motion

A collection of Inspirational and Motivational quotes Videos that inspire you in everyday life, and many types of short social videos that you can share with your friends

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A collection of Social Awareness Videos that encourage you to be socially conscious and responsible at all levels