Based in Lebanon, our team serves an impressive range of clients by providing them high quality business videos of various styles in different languages.

We, at Business Motion, love nothing more than connecting and partnering with companies to communicate their message through stories that will inspire their audience.

We capture the spirit & the mindset of the message that you want to communicate, we allocate the necessary time to get your feedback, and produce the video accordingly.

Have a look at our video production portfolio and contact us for a meeting to discuss the possible video styles for your video project.


Our vision is to lead the multimedia industry with creative concepts and short, concise movies with the latest technology trend available. We want to emerge as a market leader in informative short movies.


Our mission is to provide complete designs to enhance your presence. A professional team of experienced journalists, multimedia engineers, and core competence pioneers are at your service to make you stand out in competition, publish your identity, spread your message worldwide, and create awareness about who you are, what you do, and what makes you special while providing the highest quality of film-making and innovative thinking.


  • Excellence: It is fully committed to client satisfaction, quality product, and timely delivery.
  • Creativity: It serves you with creative, informative videos.
  • Respect: It respects everyone, irrespective of belief or culture.
  • Integrity: It reveres information discretion, contractual fulfillment, and punctuality.


Business motion is an ambitious, creative and fast growing media entity.
— Charbel Habib | CEO, ZEROCK
The business journey with Business Motion was a very smooth and cooperative one. We had the pleasure to exchange many ideas, and we built a digital tool 2 years ago, that is still serving us today in our congresses and workshops.
— Shyrine Yaghi | Marketing Manager, MEDICA
Business Motion added great value to my business by creating a very professional documentary about Saf7a Bayda. I liked the process from introducing the value of the movie, understanding my preferences, customizing the content creatively and putting all the elements together in our identity and style. Great job Rania and to all the team behind the movie. Keep up the great work.
— Jade Dagher | Founder, SAF7A BAYDA
Business motion team was able in a short period of time to capture the spirit & the mindset of the message that we want to communicate. They informed & advised us about the specificities and the challenges of video communication. In addition, they spent the necessary time to get our feedbacks, and adjust the video accordingly.
— Pierre Hervouet | Chairman, AGILE LIBAN